i-net Clear Reports


  • New reports no longer store the report data source in the report template by default. You can change this option in the report's Document Properties, however be aware that this gives anyone with the report template full access to your data source
  • New implementation of the Datasource Manager
  • Redis support as cloud persistence backend was removed. If you use it then migrate to MongoDB before you update
  • Cloud synchronization and events to run i-net PDFC shared across several cloud nodes added

i-net Clear Reports runtime

Changed Behavior

  • Fix the recognition of value data types for JSON data sources if the source files contain white spaces
  • Null values in JSON data source supported
  • New data Sources will be saved in the new application scope now
  • The property “driverLibrary” has been removed from the list of properties for Data Sources. Additional drivers for databases have to be provided using the “lib” directory of the installation

New Features / Improvements

  • Thai support for the formula function ToWords
  • Add Engine.SetData to the .NET process bridge

Fixed Bugs

  • Security issue “Cross-Site Scripting” occurred
  • Unknown operation: com.inet.report.renderer.doc.controller.bk@0 occurred with TotalPageCount (NofM) in subreports
  • Property RELOAD_ON_NEW_REQUEST does not work if there was no output format specified in the report URL
  • “java.io.NotSerializableException: com.inet.font.truetype.i” occurred if a font path was set and “Page NofM” or PageCount was used in very large reports. Because of that the server could hang
  • Regression occurred: Special field “current user” and the formula WebUserName returns the display name. Now it returns again the id of the user and not the display name
  • Embedded fonts used in PDF documents embedded in a sub report where missing in the created report

HTML Report Viewer

Fixed Bugs

  • XLSX export: Line offset was wrong on third sheet if “New sheet per top level” was enabled

Report Repository

New Features / Improvements

  • Persistence Repository implementation added


New Features / Improvements

  • Benchmark for CPU and IO rating added

Task Planner

New Features / Improvements

  • XML export added to the task planner
  • Prompt values added as placeholder that can be used for example for report name
  • It is now supported to set “Delete previous results after X days” for a file action. With this property it is possible for example to delete old backups

Fixed Bugs

  • Buttons to sort and filter task list not displayed if task list is very long

Data Source Manager

New Features

The Data Source Manager has been reworked from the ground up and comes with an all-new Remote GUI interface. It now supports assigning datasource permissions to specific user groups

  • Completely new Data Source Manager Interface
  • New Data Sources will always be created in the Application Scope
  • Existing Data Sources in the former User/System/Temp/Session - Scopes will be readonly in the Remote GUI
  • Assigning user group permissions to datasources can be performed by users with the User Manager permission.
  • Data Sources can be exported individually using the cards menu and multiple Data Sources can be exported using Click and CTRL+Click / CMD+Click to select and then using the top menu “Export” Button
  • The Import (top menu → Add → Import) of Data Sources will always create the new Data Sources in the editable Application Scope
  • The former Scopes are available via API only. The Remote Interface only displays the indirectly using the “visibility” entry in the Data Source card
  • Default value of the property “Supports SQL92” in a new Oracle datasource is true now

Fixed Bugs

  • For a new Oracle datasource the default value of the property “Supports SQL92” was false. Since Oracle version 9 it supports the SQL ANSI 92 syntax. Therefore the default value is true now


New Features / Improvements

  • Engine.SetData added to the .NET process bridge

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