i-net Clear Reports


  • AdoptOpenJDK updated to version 11.0.3
  • Cloud providers like AWS, Jelastic, Heroku supported
  • New Prompt dialog implementation
    • User experience improved
    • Cleaner, more modern look and feel
    • Theming supported
    • More than 1000 default values supported
    • Prompt dialog added to Task Planner
    • Google Web Toolkit framework and plugin removed

Report Server

New Features / Improvements

  • A restart in the server interface triggers a restart of all nodes if database persistence (MongoDb, Redis) is used
  • Event log contains a “node” column if it runs with database persistence (MongoDb, Redis)
  • Let's Encrypt certificate requests now work with multiple server and database persistence
  • Default “Font Path” for PDF export and Java viewer added. The default font path contains DejaVu fonts for Monospaced, Sans Serif and Serif fonts. Font embedding of DejaVu fonts is enabled by default

Fixed Bugs

  • Configuration data lost if MongoDB was used for persistence with multiple report server instances
  • Synchronization of cached user data, groups, task planner, maintenance data between multiple nodes was incorrect if using database persistence (MongoDb, Redis)

Task Planner

New Features / Improvements

  • Prompt dialog added

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