i-net Clear Reports


  • Multiple issues with the Java 9 release candidate occurred

i-net Clear Reports runtime

Changed Behavior

  • The JAR file inetslf4j.jar was renamed into inetloggeradapter.jar. It also contains an adapter for Commons Logging
  • PDF export: JPEG images in EXIF format now supported
  • Memory improvements for images with image key
  • Date parsing order optimized to conform the modified date patterns in Java 9
  • Login Type “Internal Webserver” is also available if i-net Clear Reports is not running in an application server but if an login filter is used.

Fixed Bugs

  • PDF export: Some bugs in PDF/A-1b export has been fixed
  • XLS / XLSX export:
    • Number property formulas were used although the Decimal number format was used instead of the user defined number format and the property formulas should be disabled. This could result for example in a wrong sign
    • Client timezone was ignored for date time values in the XLSX format
    • “Suppress if Duplicated” does not suppress duplicate fields in some cases
  • No cipher suite error with HTTPS connections occurred
  • Line height style was only used in first line of wrapped text, if Text Interpretation “HTML(advanced)” was used
  • Fix a bug with recursive table joins over multiple data sources (DS-A → DS-B → DS-A). The resulting error message was: “Report Error [1403] Error occurred while fetching data or while using data cache.”
  • Unhandled Exception “java.lang.InternalError” with message “couldn't create component peer” occurred with Java 8u152
  • Clip/alignment of italic right align text with a large italic angle was wrong
  • Word breaking of Thai language in advanced HTML content was wrong. The correct behaviour requires the report locale set to be 'Thai'
  • Error “Report Error [1401] Illegal argument for DATE sproc …” with SP parameter of type DATE occurred
  • Error “Could not create font with ID X” occurred if an OTF font was used and the property “Compress Viewer Fonts” in the Configuration Manager dialog “Font” was enabled
  • RTF export: font names in font table should be written using an East-Asian character set encoding instead of unicode
  • PDF export: Barcode font was too big

HTML Report Viewer

New Features / Improvements

  • The HTML Report Viewer will now export reports with more than 100 pages to PDF instead of printing them using the browser function

Fixed Bugs

  • If a report page can not be found in the HTML Viewer after refreshing the report (out of range error), the last page of the report will be opened. The viewer will be blocked until the report finishes rendering
  • CSV export from the HTML Viewer with custom delimiters set to 'Other' or 'Fixed column width' did not work
  • Prompt parameter value was decoded. This was problematic for PropertyChecker implementations

i-net Designer

Changed Behavior

  • Support for the Windows setting “Large Fonts” in the i-net Designer added if it is used with Java 9
  • Now the user formula can be named the same as Property Formulas
  • Remote i-net Designer requires the adhoc plugin
  • The Remote Designer now supports the JNLP protocol for a direct start of the JNLP file. The HTTP URL stays available as fallback link

Fixed Bugs

  • Exception com.inet.cache.internal.CacheLoadException occurred on Unix if there are 2 instances running
  • Incorrect error markers occurred in problem finder. This error only occurred for formulas that were using a 'user defined function' when loading a report from the repository
  • Fixed the error “cannot access class sun.print.SunAlternateMedia” in the Remote Designer with Java 9
  • NullPointerException occurred if a condition in if then operator was not true

Task Planner

Fixed Bugs

  • Export Properties was missing in “Jobs” dialog “Report” for Excel and Open Document Spreadsheet
  • CSV export was missing
  • Problems in the task planner with the reporting cache occurred if a previous task execution has produced an error
  • It could occur that the TaskPlanner clean up the 'normal' user comparisons
  • Default values of Prompt fields were not read from the rpt file


Fixed Bugs

  • MIME type mismatch via SSL connection with strict MIME type checking for Echo2 Modules like Repository Browser

Configuration Manager

Fixed Bugs

  • Message “Configuration not available. Please reinstall the application” was displayed sometimes while the Configuration Manager web GUI was loading the configuration.


Changed Behavior

  • Servlet Spec was changed to version 3.1 and the class of the login servlet was changed to com.inet.authentication.LoginServlet


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