i-net Clear Reports


  • Images in HTML content will no longer be down scaled for printing. This will result in a better resolution for images in exports (e.g. PDF) but may cause a larger file size
  • Added support for Workload Identities as authentication method for CosmosDB persistence




  • The User Accounts section of Maintenance now allows you to set user data for multiple users at the same time. This can be helpful for when entire departments or groups of users have changed addresses or other information.


  • Added a new command “serverstatus” which displays server information such as version, CPU load, memory usage, and more.


  • Fixed possible error message “accountID must not be null” in Discord configuration.

i-net CoWork

  • Added link to the bottom of the message list to jump to the latest message with one click
  • Changed markdown editor to better support major browsers
  • Added Task Planner trigger to add CoWork commands that will execute a Task Planner task
  • Added Task Planner action to send a message in a specific channel
  • Redesign of members list in channel
  • Images can now be opened with a click as larger preview
  • Added badge to the task bar entry when there are unread messages

Two-Factor Authentication

  • Plugin added to support two factor authentication.

Web Server

  • An optional web context of the web server can now be set if the server should not run in the root context.

System Core

  • Fixed a bug breaking the UserManager web interface if the country of the server is not valid.


  • Allow navigating through screenshots with the cursor keys. escape key will close the preview.


  • Web-Push notifications are supported now. A hint is displayed when the browser requests permission to show the notifications.

Remote GUI

  • Optimization of the connection recovery from the browser to the server

Push Notifications

  • Fixed encoding problems in notifications containing non-ASCII characters.

CoWork Calls

  • Added support for voice and video calls
  • Allow screen share of multiple screens without participating in a voice call

OAuth Connections

  • Added support for OAuth 2.0 authentication for emails for Office 365 (modern authentication) and Gmail.

Task Planner

  • Placeholders are now grouped if they start with the same prefix
  • Added the option 'custom' in time triggers.
  • A maintenance module is now provided for batch moving Task Planner tasks from one user to another.
  • Fixed visibility of Task Planner triggers, jobs, and actions (based on a user's permissions) to be in sync with the visibility of help sections for these triggers, jobs, and actions.


  • Report files with special characters in its name now opens in the repository.
  • Report properties are now displayed correctly in the Extended Properties dialog.


  • Added option to add header entries to HTTP action


  • Font replacement improved for 'HTML advanced' formatted text. The replacement now works on character-level, just like in other text types.
  • TotalPageCount should now be evaluable in a trigger function.
  • Improvment of continuous charts
    • added support for markers
    • consider line style “None” to only show markers
    • added support for combining of continuous charts with XY charts

Setup Wizard

  • Setup now works properly when updating single or more plugins via the plugin store. Duplicate executions and confusing messages will be avoided.
  • When updating the product-core plugin, Setup now updates all updateable plugins from the store.

Users and Groups

  • Added apply button to the edit dialog of a user or group. This allows to save the changes without closing the edit dialog.
  • The avatar of users can now be changed in the users and groups application with a click on the avatar image of the selected user

Security Fixes

ImageIO Extension

  • Update libraries to fix CVE-2021-23792

System Core

  • Fixed a thread bug that allowed a user to run single requests in another users security context.

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