i-net Clear Reports


  • Internet Explorer and the “old” Edge browser (not Chromium) are no longer supported


  • PostgreSQL version updated because of CVE-2020-13692

i-net Clear Reports runtime

Changed Behavior

  • PDF export: The rendering time is used as creation time of the PDF file. In earlier versions it was the creation time of the rpt template
  • The XLSX / ODS export creates fewer very small columns. This can cause problems if the report elements are not very well aligned and also very tightly designed
  • Embedded fonts preserved the original font family name now. This can result in a different printing output (print job size) via Java report viewer client if the same font is installed on the client system

New Features / Improvements

  • Jpeg2000 encoded images supported
  • Font replacement improved for PDF reports if enabled
  • Perfomance of DatabaseMetaData.getTables() improved
  • HTML export:
    • New implementation of HTML-Advanced in HTML-Export added. The result will now be fixed by i-net Clear Reports, leaving less room for render differences in the client browser
  • XLSX / ODS export:
    • Cell-Distribution of output formats XLSX and ODS completely rewritten
    • For compounds reports with URL parameter “reports” the table sheets in ODS/XLSX use the title of the underlying rpt file. In older versions the title of the first rpt file was used

Report Server

New Features / Improvements

  • Web API: Upload and verification of a single or multiple file resources into the repository enabled
  • Apache Cassandra database supported as datasource. The CQL (Cassandra Query Language) can be used to fetch data
  • MongoDB database supported as datasource
  • Perfomance of DatabaseMetaData.getTables() improved

Fixed Bugs

  • Some PDF files embedded in the report are incorrect displayed in the PDF export. Depending of the structure of the embedded PDF file some images can be replaces with other images of the same PDF document
  • ClassCastException in Maintenance with MongoDB persistence occurred

i-net Designer

New Features / Improvements

  • Weblog datasource added

Fixed Bugs

  • Rendering issues occurred in the “Options | i-net Clear Reports”. The “i-net Clear Reports” icon was missing and the dialog “Manage configurations” was not displayed correctly

Report Repository

New Features / Improvements

  • It is possible to upload and verify a single or multiple file resources into the repository using Web API

Fixed Bugs

  • Prompt request dialog did not work in the report repository when using a guest account


New Features / Improvements

  • A report (engine) can be printed to a local printer using .NET API

Task Planner

New Features / Improvements

  • Private key authentication to Task Planner FTP tasks added

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