i-net Clear Reports

i-net Clear Reports runtime

New Features / Improvements

  • Word break was improved for a more natural text flow
  • The alignment value of a field will now be applied in case of text interpretation 'HTML-advanced' as well
  • New output format added: Email. It is a simple HTML format. A single file format that can be used as email body. It can be triggered with the URL parameter: init=email
  • Formula function AddAttachment(String,Binary) added. It can be used to add embbedded files to PDF output format
  • Support for WebP images and other image formats added. The plugin “ImageIO Extension” is required. It can be installed using the plugin store
  • PDF export: Character replacing for embbeded fonts containing character which are in code blocks which are not in the code block list of the font
  • Reuse of images when exporting an embedded PDF to PDF, reduces the overall file size
  • Images in HTML content will no longer be down scaled for printing. This will result in a better resolution for images in exports (e.g. PDF) but may cause a larger file size

Fixed Bugs

  • Images that contains a mask was not displayed in PDF export
  • Column width and coordinates of a text box inside multi column layout in sub reports was wrong for ODS and XLSX format
  • HTML format:
    • Image alignment in text with text interpretation Basic HTML was incorrect
    • Regression in version 21.4: Advanced HTML layout does not handle NULL values for the HTML output format
  • Embedded scanned PDF files was incorrect displayed in the PDF export. Depending of the structure of the embedded PDF file some images could be replaces with other images of the same document
  • Ignore expired sessions when calling: DataSourceConfiguration.getDataSource(x)

i-net Clear Reports Server

Fixed Bugs

  • Exception “java.lang.IllegalStateException” with message “Not valid for write: id=…” occurred
  • File service check was moved to temp folder instead of working directory
  • The initialization for WebSocketEndPoint to be registerable in Oracle Weblogic was changed. This fixed the error `java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not in 'deploy' scope
  • Problems with CosmosDB persistence occurred
  • The error “java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not in 'deploy' scope” occurred if the WAR file of the i-net Clear Report Server was deployed in Weblogic Server To solve it changed the initialization for WebSocketEndPoint to be registerable in Oracle Weblogic. Migration: In the web.xml of the a WAR file you need to add the listener com.inet.http.ExpandableServletContextListener
  • Access to repository from remote designer has not worked if report server was deployed as Servlet in an application server

HTML Report Viewer

Fixed Bugs

  • Color differences occurred when printing report with enabled/disabled HTML report viewer toolbar

Task Planner

New Features / Improvements

  • Formula expression result added as placeholder in result actions. It can be used to return a single value from the report to the task planner which can then be used using the [report.formula] placeholder


i-net Designer

  • NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.inet.cache.internal.MemoryObserver - occurred with OpenWebStart


  • Set a custom product title for external representation
  • Add WebAPI /api/reporting/report/render endpoint to render reports using Token Authentication
  • Continuous Numeric Category Axis can now also be set to logarithmic
  • Use the correct database row for inlined fields in crosstab labels such as the total labels
  • Support for exporting CSV files larger 2 GB added (format csv and data)
  • Add support for stored procedures for PostgreSQL
  • Fixed the loss of datasources after a BackingStoreException in Preferences.sync().
  • Fix gray background when printing from HTML viewer
  • Fixed a NullPointerException printed to the console when logging is disabled.

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