i-net Clear Reports


  • Java version 14 supported
  • Web API added for Datasource, Backup/Restore in maintenance
  • Web API core plugin added. It provides a GUI for that a permission is necessary
  • Translations plugin added. With this plugin it is possible to translate labels and messages of the GUI in an additional language
  • The minimum supported Windows version is Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012
  • The plugin reporting (file reporting.zip) added. It is required because it contains the base product
  • The XMLRPC plugin has been deprecated in favour of the new WebAPI plugin using a RESTful JSON interface
  • macOS: Recovery Manager started with an error “Protocol family unavailable”
  • Private Cloud License added


  • Fixed XXE vulnerability for authenticated users with privileges to ad-hoc reporting or remote designer (CVE-2020-12684)
  • Fixed multiple XSS vulnerabilities (login was not required).
  • Fixed a path traversal vulnerability which allowed access to files within the installation folder and its sub-folders
  • The formula functions BytesFromFile and TextFromFile now limits access to files to prevent a path traversal for normal users. The file must be from a valid report location, and if it comes it from the file system then it must be from the same directory or subdirectory as the report itself

i-net Clear Reports runtime

New Features / Improvements

  • User defined functions can now be used in the record selection to be executed on the database. This requires all parameters of the function call to be constants or prompt fields
  • Improved cell distribution for crosstabs in ODS and XLSX format

Fixed Bugs

  • Formatting was broken if alpha numeric sorting was used for a group
  • Use getColumnLabel() instead getColumnName() for DB2 JDBC driver version 4 and later. This has an effect for a SQL commands which use column alias (“AS” keywords on columns)

i-net Designer

Fixed Bugs

  • Hairline box without background was not printed in the Java output (report preview)

Data Source Manager

Fixed Bugs

  • “Check Connection” in datasource properties was very slow with Oracle database version 12c release 2


New Features / Improvements

  • Login of Members of Windows group Guest is possible

Task Planner

New Features / Improvements

  • Use the client time zone (if available) to display the next execution times
  • Placeholder from some triggers was added
  • A task can be executed parallel multiple times now

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