i-net Clear Reports


  • Java version 12 now supported
  • Plugin “Notifications” added for receiving status updates and error messages as well as optional recurring, configured messages
  • Plugin “UpdateCheck” added to regularly check for updates of the system. The Plugin also provides a maintenance module to manually check for updates and to control how often it should check for updates and to display the changes made since the installed version. Download links will be provided in case a new version is available
  • Redis and MongoDB are now supported locations for the persistence of i-net Clear Reports in cloud environments
  • Cookie banner added to the web interface to indicate the use of cookies for the login
  • Event Log views added to Statistics app in report server web interface

i-net Clear Reports runtime

New Features / Improvements

  • Notification for low disk space added
  • Locale of the client is used for formatting in the prompt dialog, e.g. for date formatting
  • The webserver can be configured to send addtional header fields with HTTP responses to, e.g. enforce HSTS or provide custom server information to the web client

Fixed Bugs

  • Percent formatting in the XLSX export format was incorrect

i-net Designer

New Features / Improvements

  • Users are no longer required to have Java installed separately anymore: the Designer now supports a protocol handler to open a locally installed i-net Designer instead of the JNLP variant

Fixed Bugs

  • Warning for required .NET Framework 3.5 removed

User and Groups

New Features / Improvements

  • It is now supported to give users or user groups the permission (serverprint) to remotely print on specific printers connected to the server. Now each group can be set to only print on its own server / network printer
  • Multiple LDAP server on authentication supported as fallback
  • Account id of the user added to the “stored data” view

Changed Behavior

  • A master account will be created after a valid login using the master password even if the setting “Create new User” is deactivated
  • New feature “stay logged in”. After login, each user will remain logged in until they log out. After 28 days, they will be automatically logged out. It is also possible to delete user sessions in the “User and Groups” module, if you have the permission to access this module
  • Login Sessions displayed in the User details

Task Planner

New Features / Improvements

  • It is now supported to select a preconfigured datasource for a database series. The user defined JDBC settings are still possible

Report Server

Fixed Bugs

  • Configuration data lost if MongoDB was used for persistence with multiple report server instances
  • Infinite loop occurred when using report viewer in an iFrame

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