i-net Clear Reports


  • Task Planner replaces Scheduler
  • Let's Encrypt (https certificate provider) can be updated using the Task Planner
  • Improved rendering of Reports embedded in Emails send via the Task Planner
    • Will provide better support for most mail clients, except any kind of Outlook software
  • SDK comes with new sample plugins and Gradle scripts to compile them
  • Standalone HelpCenter for the documentation
  • Datasources can be saved using a Maintenance Backup Task

i-net Clear Reports runtime

Fixed Bugs

  • ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol - occurred with Oracle 12c
  • The current execution of the formula “x” was aborted due to a null value
  • Directory Plugins and lib not found if UNC path was used with Java 8

HTML Report Viewer

Fixed Bugs

  • Export format “HTML.ZIP” was not available if not all export formats allowed for this report
  • Additionaly to the percent value the following values are now possible: “Fit Screen”,​ “Page Height”​ or “Page Width”
  • Prompt parameters were double-encoded.

i-net Designer

Fixed Bugs

  • Problem Finder does not warn if all Page Header sections together are longer than a page but “Underlay Following Section” is activated for one of the Page Header sections
  • NoSuchMethodError: com.inet.viewer.ViewerUtils.c() occurred if the remote Designer was started from i-net Clear Reports running in a servlet engine like Tomcat. In this case it was not possible to open a report or to create a new report

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