i-net Clear Reports


  • Critical Security Update for Help Plugin (CVE-2020-11431)
  • Fixed XXE vulnerability for authenticated users with privileges to ad-hoc reporting or remote designer (CVE-2020-12684)
  • Fixed multiple XSS vulnerabilities (login was not required).
  • Fixed a path traversal vulnerability which allowed access to files within the installation folder and its sub-folders

i-net Clear Reports runtime

Fixed Bugs

  • NullPointerException occurred in case of nested user function calls in formulas
  • XLS export: “Suppress if Duplicated” does not suppress duplicate fields in some cases
  • Unhandled Exception “java.lang.InternalError” with message “couldn't create component peer” occurred with Java 8u152
  • Fix the error “Report Error [1401] Illegal argument for DATE sproc …” with SP parameter of type DATE
  • RTF export:
    • Font names in font table should be written using an East-Asian character set encoding instead of unicode
    • Content on some text boxes not displayed completely if the text box contains a lot of text
  • Crosstab property “Suppress Row Labes” in “Group Options” does not work for more than one field in crosstab rows, if it is enabled for more than one field in crosstab rows
  • Fix problems when NofM and PageCount are used alone in a subreport and not in the main report and hard disk cache is enabled. This can lead to missing pages of the main report and the subreport will miss the output of NofM
  • Only the end of a “Can Grow” field was displayed at the 2nd appearance of the field if the field has been continued on a second page
  • Patching the SQL command to query the metadata (column names) was wrong if the command contains function “listagg(…) within group …”. In this case “WHERE 1=0” was added to the listagg function

HTML Report Viewer

Fixed Bugs

  • Export format “HTML.ZIP” was not available if not all export formats allowed for this report
  • Additionaly to the percent value the following values are now possible: “Fit Screen”,​ “Page Height”​ or “Page Width”
  • Prompt parameters were double-encoded
  • HTML report viewer does not use embed fonts to get font metrics
  • “Uncaught URIError: URI malformed” or “URIError: malformed URI sequence” occurred if group tree node contains special character like '%' and drill down was used on this node

i-net Designer

Fixed Bugs

  • Formula Editor: NullPointerException occurred if no values were set for parameter fields used in the formula
  • NoSuchMethodError: com.inet.viewer.ViewerUtils.c() occurred if the remote Designer was started from i-net Clear Reports running in a servlet engine like Tomcat. In this case it was not possible to open a report or to create a new report

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