i-net Clear Reports

i-net Clear Reports runtime

Fixed Bugs

  • Italic text with right-aligned or justified was truncated on the right border of a text element.
  • XLSX export: If the property “New sheet per top-level group” was enabled then it could occur that an image was not displayed on a new sheet if it was not already displayed on the first sheet.
  • CSV and DATA export: UTF-8 BOM added.
  • Unknown operation error occurred if the report contains “Page N of M” or TotalPageCount not on the first page but on other pages and hard disk cache is used.
  • Java script injection was possible in the error handler.
  • “IllegalArgumentException: Invalid character found in the request target.” occurred. To solve it username for StyleSheet URLs normalized.
  • PDF export: NullPointerException occurred during export in PDF/A format.
  • ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol - occurred with Oracle 12c

i-net Designer

Fixed Bugs

  • It was not possible to open an .rpt file with a double click in the i-net Designer. The i-net Designer installer now register the .rpt extension correctly.
  • It was not possible to add ZxingBarCode JavaBean to a report because of missing files in “lib/beans” directory of i-net Designer installation.
  • Formula Editor: NullPointerException occurred if no values were set for parameter fields used in the formula.

Configuration Manager

New Features / Improvements

  • Certificate from Let’s Encrypt certificate authority can be requested in the “Web Server” dialog.

Repository Browser

Fixed Bugs

  • It was not allowed to resize the render window in repository browser if Internet Explorer was used.

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