i-net Clear Reports

i-net Clear Reports runtime

New Features / Improvements

  • The cache for rendered reports was completely rewritten to prevent a large amount of sporadic errors and to improve the performance.
  • Includes performance improvements for large XLSX files.
  • Formula functions Ceiling, Floor, MRound and RoundUp added.
  • crossdomain.xml and robots.txt can be set in the configuration manager.
  • Includes memory improvements for reports containing “Page N of M” that take effect when a cache type other than memory cache is used.
  • Support for Surrogates/Supplementary characters (32 bit characters) added.
  • BOM (Byte Order Mark) added to text export if the encoding is UTF-8 so that text editors will correct display UTF-8 characters.

Fixed Bugs

  • “Suppress Blank Section” has not worked correctly, if “Keep Together” was enabled for the same section. Problem occurred only if the dynamic content was on the bottom of the section.
  • Searching inside advanced HTML elements has not worked in i-net Designer preview and report viewer.
  • NullPointerException occurred if only JSP or Cache API was used and the report name was not set with complete path.

Java Report Viewer

Fixed Bugs

  • In rare cases, reports could cause error messages in the report viewer if there were empty pieces of text.

i-net Designer

Fixed Bugs

  • NullPointerException occurred while opening old rpt file with enable “Customize Groupname” and “Use Formula Value” but no specified formula.
  • Because of bug in multicast DNS (mDNS) not all available report repository URLs were displayed in the drop down list in repository options if client or server has multiple network adapters.
  • Memory leak with property formulas occurred.
  • Copy & Paste of a formula element between two reports now also paste the formula if it does not exists in the target report.

WAR File

New Features / Improvements

  • File initial_configuration.properties added. It can be modified and used to create the configuration of i-net Clear Reports servlet.


  • Folder samplereports added. It contains the sample rpt files.


  • Report server setup will create a report repository for sample reports if no configuration exists from another installation. The samplereports directory will be created in the ProgramData directory.

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