i-net Clear Reports


  • Java 8 required: The i-net Designer and the i-net Clear Reports server now requires Java 8 as minimum version of the Java virtual machine. The i-net Clear Reports Java report viewer requires Java 7.
  • 64bit Java VM: i-net Clear Reports use embedded 64 bit Java VM. If you use ODBC then you need the 64 bit ODBC driver.
  • Installer and Setup reimplemented:
    • The installer of older versions was replaced with a simplified and platform native installers. There are multiple installers available: one for the report server and one for the i-net Designer. Also available is a WAR file for deployment in an application server and a SDK for Java / .NET developers.
    • The first configuration of the report server will be done in a browser. This remove a large number of problems with different access rights from setup and server process.
  • Maintenance Plugin: For backup and restore of all configuration setting a maintenance plugin was added.
  • Start page of the report server shows available modules depending on permissions of logged in user.
  • SDK: There are different download packages available: the report server, the report designer, the WAR file and the SDK. With the SDK it is possible to embed the report engine in your own application and use the Java / .Net API.
  • Servlet Spec 3.1: The needed servlet spec was switch from 2.5 to 3.1. This means that if you need to an application server which supports servlet spec version 3.1.
  • Ad Hoc Applet: The Ad Hoc Applet is no longer supported/available since the Java Applet Technology is blocked in most of the common browsers.

i-net Clear Reports runtime

New Features / Improvements

  • Support for placeholders in the SQL statement of the dynamic default values of parameter fields added.
  • RTF export: Background color for text elements in editable rtf supported.
  • PDF export: It is now possible to replace characters of not embedded fonts, used in report, with embedded fonts.
  • The static logging binder for Slf4j was extracted in a separate JAR file inetslf4j.jar.

Changed Behavior

  • The deprecated command “seac” for accented character is implemented in embedded CID fonts.
  • The report cache will be cleared after the (report) permissions have been changed.

Fixed Bugs

  • ODS export: Multiple white spaces has been ignored.
  • If the report server was started with “-Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true” then “java.net.SocketException?: Protocol family unavailable” occurred.
  • XLSX export: Performance improvements for large reports.

HTML Report Viewer

New Features / Improvements

  • The HTML report viewer can be customized via plugins. See the HTML viewer programming guide for details.

Fixed Bugs

  • Lines beginning on page 2 and going through multiple sections where missing in HTML viewer if the report contains an “N of M” element.

i-net Designer

Changed Behavior

  • Java Beans show the result of before reading property forumlas.
  • It is supported to set a row buffer greater than 999.
  • Parameter field with Dynamic (SQL) default values can use Cascading Parent also.

Configuration Manager

New Features / Improvements

  • The max heap memory (-Xmx) for the Java VM running the report server can be set in the configuration manager dialog “Webserver”. The default value is 1/4 of the RAM (for 32-bit it is 256 MB).

.NET Edition

  • The .NET libraries are part of the SDK that you can download from our website.


  • On Suse SLES and OpenSuse the following errors occurred during installation of the rpm package:
    • daemonize is needed by clear-reports-server-16.0.225-1.noarch
    • initscripts is needed by clear-reports-server-16.0.225-1.noarch

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