i-net Clear Reports


The following chapters describe the various things to know when migrating from version 18.x of i-net Clear Reports to version 19.x. If you migrate from older versions of i-net Clear Reports, then you should also read the other migration information depending on the version that you migrate from

  • The MySQL Connector/J was updated to version 8.0.13. It is recommended for MySQL Server 5.5 or higher. For older MySQL Server version you could replace the MySQL Connector/J with the version of the previous i-net Clear Reports version
  • With the Server Printers plugin enabled users will not be able to use the server printer after upgrading to version 19. They will have to have group permissions assigned to regain access to server printers
  • The Data Source Manager Interface has been renewed from the ground up. Existing Data Sources in the former User/System/Temp/Session - Scopes will now be readonly from the interface but can still be added and modified using API. An new Application Scope has been added which now supports assigning user groups to restrict permissions
  • Data Sources are now handled differently for reports.
    • Data Sources with the same name may exist with different permissions in different scopes
    • The are looked up in the following order: User Session ScopeTemporary ScopeApplication Scope with permissionUser ScopeSystem Scope
    • Application Scope with permission means that there may be more than one Data Source with the same name but with different permissions. The first that is allowed for the users group will be used

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