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The following chapters describe the various things to know when migrating from version 17.x of i-net Clear Reports to version 18.x. If you migrate from older versions of i-net Clear Reports, then you should also read the other migration information depending on the version that you migrate from.

  • Data will be migrated by the setup into the new format of i-net Clear Reports version 18. Therefore we recommend to backup the program data.
  • The /remote context of the Remote GUI has been removed. Applications beneath this entry point have been moved up one level.
  • If you have a plugin which implements your own AuthenticationProvider then you must rewrite it. To support multiple login sources in parallel the API has changed. A sample for a such a plugin can be found in the SDK.
  • If you use the repository plugin then security settings will be migrated. After the migration it will no longer work with older versions of i-net Clear Reports. Permission patterns are not supported anymore. The administrator needs to check whether the users have the desired and expected permissions.
  • If the remote printing plugin is enabled then in the HTML viewer this is available via menu point.
  • There is a new default plugin that embeds the HTML Viewer into the remote application. That means that users of the HTML Viewer will see the configured logo, will be able to to signup/login and directly access their remote applications.
  • When having permissions or userdata for old, now unused, users, such users will appear as User Accounts in the new Users And Groups Manager. Take a look there and delete obsolete users.
  • The pattern (like “*”, “vwl*.rpt”, …) in the folder permissions of the Repository Browser are no longer supported. After migration the settings will be valid for all report files in the same folder. If other patterns than “*” (all reports) were used then it is necessary to check the folder permission settings in the Repository Browser. The permission “Server Administration” is necessary for that.
  • The C# implementation based on IKVM is deprecated. It was replaced with the ProcessBridge. You can find it in the SDK (https://download.inetsoftware.de/clear-reports-sdk-latest.zip). You find the required folder structure for Visual Studio and Powershell in the readme.html of the folder “i-net Clear Reports .NET Bridge”. It is necessary to reimplement your program using i-net Clear Reports API because the API is not compatible with the implementation based on IKVM.
  • In version 18 the option “Mapping Fonts” is enabled by default. If this option is activated, all characters of a logical or not embedded font will be replaced with characters of an embedded font.

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