i-net Clear Reports


The following chapters describes the various things to know when migrating from version 14.x of i-net Clear Reports to version 15.x. If you migrate from older versions of i-net Clear Reports then you should also read the other migration information depending on the version that you migrate from.

WebServer plugin

The i-net Clear Reports web server was moved into a plug-in. Since plug-ins will be initialized automatically, the web server will start automatically, for example if the API was used. You need to remove the webserver plug-in if you embedd i-net Clear Reports instead of using it as report server.

64bit Java VM embedded on Windows

The setup and report server on Windows use a 64bit Java VM to install and use i-net Clear Reports. As the 32 bit and 64 bit preferences on Windows are stored on different locations it may be necessary to export the configuration using the older i-net Clear Reports version and import it using version 15.


In the configuration manager dialog “Plugins” it is now possible to activate/deactivate plugins to extend or restrict the functionality of i-net Clear Reports. Some plugins are deactivated by default, e.g. Statistics and Scheduler.


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