i-net Clear Reports


The following chapters describes the various things to know when migrating from version 12.x of i-net Clear Reports to version 13.x. If you migrating from older versions of i-net Clear Reports then you should also read the other migration information depending on the version from that you migrate.

Java 7 required

The i-net Designer and the i-net Clear Reports server now requires Java 7 as minimum version of the Java virtual machine. The i-net Clear Reports viewer requires Java 5.

Fixed point numbers instead of floating point numbers

Formulas and summaries now use fixed point numbers instead of floating point numbers. This reduce rounding problems. If there are problems then you could set the configuration property “Compatibility Level” to version “12.x” in the configuration manager category “Behavior”.

Default report viewer: HTML

The HTML report viewer has replaced the Java report viewer as the default viewer. In the configuration manager category “Behavior” it is possible to set the default viewer.

Query files are deprecated

Crystal Reports query files are deprecated. The API for query files has been deprecated. The support will stop in version 16. We recommend to use a command in the report instead of a query file.


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