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The following chapters describes the various things to know when migrating from version 11.x of i-net Clear Reports to version 12.x of i-net Clear Reports. If you migrating from older versions of i-net Clear Reports then you should read the other migration information depending on the version from that you migrate.

Image URL in HTML export

The URL of the images in exported HTML files has been changed.

Scheduler redesigned

The web GUI of the i-net Clear Reports scheduler has been replaced by a new Remote Interface module.

URL parameter "init=scheduler"

The URL parameter “init=scheduler” has been removed. You can access the new scheduler module in the Remote Interface or using the URL:


Configured Tasks saved in preferences

In previous versions the file scheduler.xml was used to store the configured task. With version 12 the tasks are stored in the Java preferences, like the i-net Clear Reports configurations.

One Action per Task

With version 12 only one action per task is supported. During import of the task of the scheduler.xml, multiple tasks created for a task with multiple actions.

Cache Action removed

The cache action is no more supported in the scheduler of version 12. Instead of this action you should use a file action to save the executed report as file and then request this file from the server.

Remote Configuration Manager redesigned

The Configuration Manager module in the Remote Interface has been redesigned. We have added some new categories and restructured the properties partially. To get more help, please click on the help link in a configuration manager category.

The remote configuration manager is now the default configuration manager. The configuration manager Java application has been removed. With the new recovery and standalone configuration tool it is possible to repair configurations. This tool is available in the installation directory.

Embedded fonts independent from property "Use Native Fonts"

If a “Font Path” is configured then the used fonts are embedded. This occurs regardless of the value of the property “Use Native Fonts”.


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