i-net Clear Reports

Changes in current Release 13.1

i-net Clear Reports runtime

New Features / Improvements

  • Method isRunning() added to Listener class. It returns whether the listener is currently running.
  • Support for reports with LDAP data added to the database API.
  • XML and JSON datasource added.

Changed Behavior

  • Jetty 9.0.3 and Servlet API 3.0 now used.
    • CCservlet-api-2.5.jar replaced.
    • CCservlet-api.jar and jsp-api-2.0.jar removed.
  • Record Selection Formula: The formula operation <string-value> IN <string-value> is now executable in databases.

Fixed Bugs

  • IllegalArgumentException occurred: The name of a sum field cannot be empty.
  • A sporadic OutOfMemeoryError on export with large reports and a slow harddisk or database cache.
  • XMLRPC client has not worked in version 13.0 with external log type.
  • HTML export: hairline was wrong displayed.
  • Box or line element that spans multiple sections and that starts in page header and ends in a suppressed section were not displayed.
  • If “Underlay Following Section” was enabled for the report header of a subreport and the report header was higher than the subreport then the subreport was cutoff.

i-net Designer

New Features / Improvements

  • Formula Editor: Deprecated user defined formulas (@deprecated) are marked as deprecated.

Report Repository

Changed Behaviour

  • Allow special UTF-8 characters in report names when using Remote Designer to open the report from repository browser.

Configuration Manager

New Features / Improvements

  • The i-net Clear Reports Configuration has a new property 'Logging of the internal server' in the category 'System - Logging', which enable/disable the logging of the Jetty server.

.Net Edition

New Features / Improvements

  • Export dialog added.
  • XmlRPC supported with the .NET version.

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