i-net Clear Reports

Changes in current Release 14.1

i-net Clear Reports runtime

New Features / Improvements

  • Alpha-numeric sorting is now available for interactive sorting as well.
  • Login type “Database Authentication” added - use a database's authentication as an authentication method.
  • New warnings in case of null-check by =null and in case of confusion of = and := in Crystal-Syntax added.
  • Corporate Design guide added to the documentation.

Changed Behavior

  • Grouped Summary fields are now an error in the record selection formula since their value is undefined while filtering. Use them in the group selection instead.
  • Performance and stability improvements for reports with massive formula dependencies.

API modifications

  • Added Classes:
    • AuthenticationProvider
    • RemoteWebUserInfo
    • WebUserInfo
  • Added Methods:
    • BarPlot.getBarMarginPercent()
    • BarPlot.setBarMarginPercent( double )
    • CrossTabBody.moveSummaryField(int,int)
  • The method signature of DesignerDataModel.openPropertyFormulaDialog changed. Now a property name and a flag to indicate a tristate is necessary.

Fixed Bugs

  • PDF export:
    • A blank subreport with enabled “Suppress if Blank” property could hide the following data.
    • A blank subreport with enabled “Suppress if Blank” property could create an empty page.
  • Excel export: Cell distribution property was not used in subreports.
  • HTML export: If the property “Multiple HTML files” is disabled then only the first page of a multi-page report was displayed in the browser.
  • Charts:
    • Bug with StackedBarCharts occured. It caused the total sum to appear only if the last or before-last series has a value in that column.
  • ReportServletJSP restored
  • The i-net Clear Reports plugins were not loaded correctly if deployed in Tomcat 8.0.11.
  • Unicode problems occurred if the codepage of the Java VM was different to the codepage of the platform.
  • Restoring of Unicode data from the harddisk cache and database cache was wrong.
  • HTML prompt dialog:
    • It did not open up for exporting a report in cases when a report contained a date range prompt with range default values.
    • Time prompts were not correctly handled.
    • Time prompts were not correctly checked for their limits if they had limits for allowed values.
    • If more than one sub-report had a prompt with the same prompt name, the HTML prompt dialog only set the value of the prompt from the first sub-report, causing the prompt dialog to re-appear when hitting Submit.
    • URL parameters setting prompt values were not always used correctly for setting up chosen values.
    • Date range values which included a limit for allowed values were not always correctly checked for the limit.
    • If a date prompt was set to “default values only”, it still displayed a calendar button for choosing a date.
    • If a value was missing, then cascading sub-prompts were not correctly selected in the prompt tree in the HTML prompt dialog.
  • Database field and dynamic prompt field values with type CHAR or NCHAR were not truncated.
  • PDF form fields did not work correctly in subreports.
  • HTML export: Representation of developer edition labels was incorrect.
  • NullPointerException in MemoryStream.writeUTF8(SourceFile:196) occurred.

Java report viewer

Fixed Bugs

  • If the Java report viewer was running at least with Java 7u65, then the printer properties dialog was not displayed after a click on the properties button in the print dialog.

HTML report viewer

New Features / Improvements

  • A color picker for the background color of image export formats (only certain browsers) added.
  • The image export now supports RGB hex values as background colors (you have to properly encode the parameter).
  • Button to enable/disable promptonrefresh while displaying the report with prompt parameters added to the toolbar. It can be removed by using the report URL parameter “haspromptonrefresh=false”.
  • Help tooltips added to the export dialog properties.
  • The report URL property “defaultzoom” is supported.

i-net Designer

New Features / Improvements

  • 'Default Author' button added to category Summary in the Document Properties dialog.
  • Sort option to sort string fields by their alpha numeric value added to the Sort Records dialog.
  • Chart Properties: Propery “Bar Spacing” added to the category “Plot Specific” of a bar chart.
  • Group Properties: Alpha-Numeric sorting of STRING fields can now be used for groups as well.

Fixed Bugs

  • License exception with Report Data datasource occurred.
  • “Report file not found” exception occurred in Database Wizard when Report Data datasource was used.
  • Remote Designer: Deadlock with local saved reports could occur.
  • Authentication exception occurred, if the current user does not have the right to access a report from repository. A login box will now be displayed.
  • Empty binary prompts caused the report browser to hang.
  • The formatting functions CURRENTFIELDVALUE and DEFAULTATTRIBUTE were not displayed in the tree on the right side of the Formula Editor. They will be displayed if the current formula is a property formula.
  • Visual Database Wizard never used the set connection from LoginDatabase.
  • If the i-net Designer was running on Mac OSX and the Formula Editor was opened with the “New” button in the fields browser then it was sometimes not possible to edit formulas in the Formula Editor.
  • SQLException: “Method not supported from this layout driver” occurred if LayoutDatasource was used to create ad hoc reporting template in i-net Designer.
  • If Nimbus look&feel was used and the i-net Designer was running with Java 8 then selected tree nodes disappeared on selection.

Remote Interface

New Features / Improvements

  • The upload file dialog in the Repository Browser was optimized.
  • Statistics data are now stored in a Zip file to reduce disk space.
  • Remote statistics now have an option to set the maximum amount of data sets to load in order to keep the application responsive and smooth, especially useful for mobile clients.
  • Page 'Connection Pool' showing current database connections added to the statistics module.

Ad Hoc Reporting

New Features / Improvements

  • Excluding filter criteria in Ad Hoc reporting are now concatenated by AND instead of OR.

Fixed Bugs

  • If a dataview name contains space(s) and it was saved in a database repository, then it was not available in Ad Hoc reporting.
  • Loading issue on remote Ad Hoc filter page occurred. If the same Ad Hoc report was loaded with different filter values, only the first filter value was used.
  • Ad Hoc reporting applet could not use ad hoc dataview if an database repository was used.
  • The following exception has occurred, if cascading prompts were used in Ad Hoc reporting: NoClassDefFoundError: com/google/gwt/user/server/rpc/RemoteServiceServlet.

.Net Edition

Fixed Bugs

  • IKVM updated to version 7.4.

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