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Package »com.inet.report.database.beans«

Interface Summary
BeanDataSourceManager To provide a bean datasource for i-net Clear Reports this interface needs to be implemented inside a servlet environment. The declared methods will be used by i-net Clear Reports to check which Java Beans can be provided by the bean datasource and also query the data of the java beans. To setup a bean datasource in a servlet environment you will have to follow these steps: write an implementation of this class and add it to the classpath of your servlet environment define a datasource for i-net Clear Reports with the following properties __Fields.PROPERTY_DATABASECLASS=com.inet.report.DatabaseBean __Fields.PROPERTY_SERVLETPATH=http://<server>:<port>/<context>/TransferServlet __Fields.PROPERTY_MANAGERCLASS=<class name of the BeanDataSourceManager implementation>
Class Summary
TransferServletException This Exception is created if an Exception occurred inside the application server when a client requested information or the data for a BeanDataSource. The occurred Exception will be wrapped by this class and will be sent to the client.