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Package »com.inet.report.config.datasource«

Interface Summary
DataSourceConfigurationChangeListener This interface can be useful for GUI tools that have to get notified if a DataSourceConfiguration was changed. You can the information when a new DataSourceConfiguration was created, when an existing DataSourceConfiguration was deleted and when a property of a DataSourceConfiguration was changed. DataSourceConfigurationManager.addDataSourceConfigurationListener(new DataSourceConfigurationChangeListener(){ public void propertyChanged(DataSourceConfiguration dsc, String property, String oldValue, String newValue){ // implement your code here } public void addedDataSourceConfiguration(DataSourceConfiguration dsc){ // implement your code here } public void removedDataSourceConfiguration(DataSourceConfiguration dsc){ // implement your code here } });
Class Summary
DataSourceConfiguration A DataSourceConfiguration is a description for a data source, that can be used by an i-net Clear Reports report. We differentiate between a data source use a JDBC driver and a data source use a com.inet.report.database.DataFactory extended class. In last case the report data will be set directly by Database class. In first case i-net Clear Reports use the settings of this data source configuration to establish a JDBC connection to a database server. ...
DataSourceConfigurationManager This is the main class to manage data source configurations in i-net Clear Reports. A datasource configuration defines from which location/ by which way the data for a report will set. For GUI application you can open the DataSource-Manager dialog with DataSourceConfigurationManager.openDataSourceManagerDialog(Frame,DataSourceConfiguration). ...