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Package »com.inet.report.cache«

Interface Summary
EngineFactory An instance of this interface creates a ReportCacheKey and Engine based on the properties. The Cache is calling the current factory to build keys and engines. You can implement your EngineFactory to create or modify an Engine with RDC. ...
Class Summary
Cache This class implements an Engine Data Cache. The typical usage is: Properties props = new Properties(); props.put( "report", "report1.rpt" ); props.put( "prompt0", "abc" ); Cache cache = Cache.getCache(); ReportCacheKey key = cache.getKey(props); cache.getPageAndWait( key, 12, 5 * 60 * 1000 );
EngineFactoryImpl This is the default implementation of the EngineFactory. You can extend it to create your own EngineFactory.
ExternalDBCache This class implements a database cache without a connection factory. This means that the connections have to be set from an external program. To use this class you need to set the cache type to "External Database Cache"!
KeyNotFoundException This exception will be thrown if ReportCacheKey is not found in the Cache. This can occur if you have created the key with Cache.createKey(...) have created the key with the constructor a cache timeout has occurred and the key was removed from cache. This can only occur if you do not use a new key returned by getKey().
PageOutOfRangeException This exception is thrown if a page is requested with a page number larger than the total number of pages, or is less than 0.
ReportCacheKey This class represents a unique key for a report output. The object is not mutable.
TimeoutException As of now this exception is not thrown anywhere. It is planned, to allow setting a maximum wait time for Cache.getPageAndWait(), Cache.getPageCountAndWait(), Cache.getTotalPageSizeAndWait()