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Package »com.inet.report.event«

Interface Summary
ClippingListener An interface for a listener for clipping events which will be called by the renderer in the case an element is clipped while rendering. To register your own ClippingListener, simply implement this interface, and add it to the engine via Engine.addClippingListener(ClippingListener).
EngineFinishListener This interface can be used to notify that the execution of an engine (report) has been finished.
Class Summary
ClippingEvent An object of this type is passed to a clipping listener on the event of a clip while rendering an element. This object contains three pieces of information: A reference to the element which is being clipped. The actual value of the element which is being clipped. The text string of what is being displayed after the clip.
EngineFinishEvent This event indicates that the execution process of an engine has benn finished.