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Package »com.inet.problemfinder«

Interface Summary
ProblemFinderWarning Represents a Warning/Error/Info detected by ProblemFinder. Every ProblemFinderWarning has a source object, which causes the Warning. Possible sources can be Element/Section/Field or a specific ProblemFinderWarning.Sources object. The Method ProblemFinderWarning.GetTriggeringRule returns the ProblemFinderRule that causes this Warning. ProblemFinderWarning.CanAutoFix returns true if it is possible that this Warning can be 'auto-fixed'. That means you can get via ProblemFinderWarning.GetAutoFixActions a list of one or more Actions, that manipulates the Engine to correct the problem by performing the Action. For example : An Engine that has a Text-Element with a height less than 30 Twips causes a ProblemFinderWarning with Type Type.WARNING. ProblemFinderWarning.GetTriggeringRule returns the RuleElementToSmall and ProblemFinderWarning.GetSource returns the Text-Element itself. With ProblemFinderWarning.GetAutoFixActions you get a list with two Actions. ...
Class Summary
ProblemFinder This is the i-net Clear Reports Problem Finder. The Problem Finder is a debug tool. It checks i-net Clear Reports reports for design flaws. Use ProblemFinder.GetInstance to get ProblemFinder instance for checking reports. To check an Engine, use the Method ProblemFinder.Check(com.inet.report.Engine,System.Int32). This Method needs the Engine to check and a specific type which defines the kind of checks that will be run. ...
ProblemFinderWarning.Sources The source object exceptions that can be returned by ProblemFinderWarning.GetSource.
ProblemFinderWarning.Type The ProblemFinderWarning types