CrystalClear Syntax

If statements

The If statement enables you to insert a branch in your control sequence. Depending on this condition one or another sequence of statements will be executed.

When the If statement is used in a property formula or the record selection formula, then an Else branch should be included always so that the formula returns the correct return value type.


If (condition) Then (
) Else (
If (condition) Then (statement)  Else (statement) // the line break is optional


If {Orders.quantity}>100 Then
	{Products.price} * 0.89
StringVar forecolor;
StringVar backcolor;

If PageNumber = 1 Then (
	forecolor := "red";
	backcolor := "blue";
) Else (
	forecolor := "black";
	backcolor := "white";

forecolor + " and " + backcolor;

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